Commonly Stolen Home Possessions

Commonly Stolen Home Possessions

Stay one step ahead of burglars by understanding what they are likely to target.

Studies repeatedly show that burglars typically spend no more than one minute breaking into a home and fewer than ten minutes inside. Burglars often look for a window of opportunity and jump at the chance of a quick and easy job. While it’s important to keep your doors locked and your security alarms operating, knowing which items are most likely to be among a burglar’s loot can help to protect your belongings.


Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming among of burglars abide by the ‘cash is king’ idea. While more consumers are reaching for a debit or credit card to make purchases, many Americans continue to carry cash. Cold, hard cash is virtually untraceable and easy to exchange for goods, which makes it a prime target in a home burglary.


From pearl earrings to 14 karat gold watches, jewelry is one of the easiest things to sell to a pawn shop. Thieves take advantage of this situation by grabbing jewelry or even jewels if they can find some. Be sure to leave your prized pieces hidden away instead of out on your nightstand. If a piece of jewelry is incredibly precious, consider storing it in a safety deposit box at the bank.


With several high-tech goods lying around the average home, it’s no wonder that many burglars take electronics. Not only are they easy to grab, but they can also be sold for a very nice price. To combat this, set passcodes on all devices and hide electronics out of sight from the window.

If you’re the victim of theft, homeowners insurance can help. Ensure that your belongings are up to date and correct on your home inventory and your insurance carrier will do the rest. Contact All Nevada Insurance to get started on the right policy to suit your needs, budget, and belongings!