Is Your Engagement Ring Insured?

Is Your Engagement Ring Insured?

Insuring Valuable and Sentimental Jewelry

While insurance isn’t the most romantic topic, beyond a house and a car, an engagement ring could very well be the next big investment people make. If you take into account the famous diamond dealer’s dictum of ‘two month’s salary,’ then you know that the average engagement ring can cost a lofty couple thousand dollars.

While no one wants to consider the things that could mar the perfect happiness of getting engaged to a loved one, the thing is, anything can happen. From theft to damage from a disaster, engagement rings aren’t invincible. The best course of action is to be prepared for anything. This is why, in the midst of all the engagement excitement and happiness, you should consider purchasing insurance for your engagement ring.

Check Claim Limits

Review your current homeowners or renter’s insurance policy. Your policy documents should be able to tell you what your individual item claim limits are. Depending on your limits and how much you spent on the ring, you may need to secure additional coverage to protect it.

Get Your Ring Valued

Most people are probably unsure of what their engagement ring is worth. Don’t mistake the worth for the price tag you paid, either. Get a couple of jewelers to provide you with written quotes. This is a sensible step to take for any jewelry you own that you suspect is of considerable value, not just engagement rings.

Secure Additional Coverage

If the engagement ring is more valuable than what your insurance policy provides coverage for, you will need to raise the limits of your current policy or consider getting a rider. A rider will ensure that your ring is safely protected and that it does not exceed your current policy.

Ensure you insure that bling! To get started, contact All Nevada Insurance for a free quote.