File a Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

How to File a Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

Stay ahead of the game by knowing how to handle a claim.

If you’re a business owner, you or your employee may drive every day. No matter how you and your team use your commercial vehicle or fleet, you could be at risk in the event of accidents on the road. When an incident happens, knowing how to file a commercial auto insurance claim will help you to save valuable time!

Check for injuries

Immediately following the crash or impact, check the people involved for injuries, and contact the appropriate authorities.

Gather information

Next, you’ll want to write down information to relay to your insurance company when making a claim:

  • The names of everyone involved in the accident
  • All vehicle license plate numbers and car information
  • The insurance information from all other drivers involved
  • All accident specifics that you can remember

It’s a good idea to take pictures of all vehicles involved, damage caused, and to jot down notes about what happened. This information could be helpful during the claims process.


If the accident is minor and caused no damage, evaluate whether it’s worth calling your insurance company to file a claim. If the cost of the damage is lower than your deductible, it may be more cost effective to pay for the damage out of pocket.


When you’re ready to file your claim, call your dedicated insurance agent who can handle the ins and outs of getting you back on your feet.

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