How to Get Clients for a New Business

How to Get Clients for a New Business

Reach new customers to grow your startup.

As the owner of a new business, you’ll need to find (and keep) customers to get your company off the ground. It’s important to remember that every business had to start somewhere, so don’t get disheartened by a low number of customers to begin with. As long as they are quality customers that you can keep, you’re off to a good start! By consistently making an effort to bring in new business, you’ll reduce your risk of failure and grow business in a sustainable way.

Know your customer. You need to have a good idea of your target market. Build a profile of potential customers to help plan your next move, as you’ll need to know how you can appeal to them.

Understand your business inside out. Thoroughly understanding your industry and having a firm knowledge of your service is critical to being able to attract interested clients. When you know your service backward and forward, that fact comes through to clients.

Stay close. Take time to identify the media mix that’s most likely to engage and generate sales from your audience. Face-to-face conversations will always be important, but you no longer need to get out and about with the use of digital marketing. Think about the timing of your messages and when is best to send your clients emails. Social media can also deliver results, whether it’s current customers sharing your business, or your posts reaching a large net of locals.

Be responsive. This should go without saying in today’s digital world. Customers expect instant responses. If you want to compete, you need to get back to inquiries in record time. Ensure that you don’t substitute quality with speed. Simply responding to your prospect or customer saying that you’ll get back to them ensures that they aren’t left wondering if you got their email.

Say thank you. Once you’ve won a customer’s vote, keep them on board. It’s easier and cheaper to get more business from existing customers than it is to win new ones. Incentivize customers to stay with you and reward them for referrals.

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