How to Deal with Customer Complaints

How to Deal with Customer Complaints

Here are the dos and don’ts of dealing with complaints from clients.

Although you do your best to keep customers happy, the fact that you, unfortunately, have to deal with a disgruntled patron every now and then is virtually unavoidable. But, even when someone is less than happy with your service or product that your business has provided, all hope is not lost. Often, there is still a chance that you can appease the unhappy customer, save your business’s reputation, and potentially even win back that person as a continuing customer. Here are some of the more important points of dealing with an unhappy customer.


  • Stay Calm

No matter how rude or aggressive the customer is, it’s vital that you keep your cool and remain polite at all times. If you end up losing your temper, you could lose the client for good and steer a few more people away from the company. Try to remember that the client’s frustration is not directed at you personally, and attempt to diffuse their anger by staying calm and trying your best to understand their situation.

  • Offer a Solution

The customer is complaining to you because they want to know how to resolve their problem. It’s important that you offer a couple of different solutions so that they feel they have some control over their situation. For example, offering them a partial refund or discount on their next purchase can ensure a mutual resolution.

  • Follow Up

Even though the situation has reached an agreement, the resolution still isn’t over. Make sure that you re-contact the customer in the near future to ensure your solution was satisfactory. This follow-up is important, as it reinforces to the customer that you value him or her.


  • Make Promises You Can’t Keep

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy just to say anything that you think will appease the customer then and there. While this is often an efficient way to reach a resolution, it can also have the opposite effect if you aren’t able to follow through on your promises. Only make offers that you are willing to keep, otherwise you risk damaging the relationship between your business and the customer even more.

  • Argue

Even if the customer made a mistake or is in the wrong, arguing against them only stands to exacerbate the situation. This doesn’t mean you need to pander to their every whim, but you should remember to suggest alternatives tactfully, rather than directly confront.

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