What Insurance Does Your College Kid Need?

What Insurance Does Your College Kid Need?

Before your college kid heads off for college, consider these insurance policies.

The summer is winding down. It’s back to school season, but is your college kid prepared? Even though you’ve thought of everything from pens to dorm furniture to the latest tech, you may have forgotten the one element that can protect your child – insurance coverage. Read on for the types of coverage your college student needs.

Renter’s Insurance. If your child is staying in a dorm room located on the college campus, his or her possessions will most likely be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Be sure to update your home inventory before your kid heads off to college.

Car Insurance. This coverage is a no-brainer because it is impossible to drive your car without it! For out-of-state students, make sure you check with your insurance agent to see if coverages need to be increased or decreased. For those leaving their car at home, most parents will get a discount.

Health Insurance. Most kids can get health coverage through their parents’ coverage until they’re 26. However, that’s not the case for everyone. Be sure to research the best policy and price for your needs before opting for insurance coverage. Post-grad employment, it may even be worth considering taking a lower salary if the job provides full health coverage benefits.

Are you ready to insure your college kid against risks? Contact All Nevada Insurance to get started on your reliable insurance policy today.


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