Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

What you didn’t know home insurance could cover.

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home and personal property. But even those homeowners who have quality insurance and have (luckily) never filed a claim didn’t know that home insurance can do more than just that. Check out these lesser-known situations that homeowners can cover.

Medical bills for guests injured on your property. One of the major perks of homeownership is being able to have plenty of people over. However, entertaining company can have its own pitfalls including guests tripping, falling, and injuring themselves. Home insurance can help with medical expenses if a guest gets hurt while on your property (even if it was entirely due to their clumsiness).

Your trees, plants, and grass. If someone drives through your front lawn and damages your yard, your home insurance can help you to replace your trees, flowers, plants, and grass. While every coverage has its limit, this additional aid can help you restore your garden to its full glory.

Your college student’s property. If your dependent child is at college full time and living on campus, it’s likely that they took expensive belongings with them, such as a computer, tablet, TV, and smartphone. Luckily, if someone steals your child’s laptop or a fire damages his or her dorm room, your home insurer will help to repair or replace their items. If your child is living off campus in an apartment, it’s a good idea to secure renter’s insurance since homeowners insurance won’t cover their belongings in that case.

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